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“All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind.” Kahlil Gibran, From (Sand and Foam)


Are you curious to discover the highly intellectual side of the Arabic culture? then literature is best door to knock. (Kalimat) means (Words) in the Arabic language. We kindly invite you to enjoy pleasurable and deeply meaningful words by two well known Arabic book authors and artists: Amor Bin Hamida who inspires his writings from his Tunisian background and his long exciting life experience in Switzerland. And the award-winning UAE writer, artist, cultural commentator Mohamed Al Mazrouei  who reflects his intercultural background in his books and art.



Maison Lahmar. Rigiplatz 1, 8006 Zurich
Date: Wednesday, 22.4.15
Time: 18.30 until 20.00


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About the Artists

Mohamed Al Mazrouei

Mohamed Al Mazrouei (*1962, Tanta, Egypt) is a well-known and highly reputed award-winning Emirati poet and writer, with a deep philosophical education, a profound knowledge of Arab and international literature and a keen interest in cinematography. Additionally, Al Mazrouei is a successful artist, cultural commentator, manager of the UAE Writers’ Union in Abu Dhabi and in charge of cultural programming for the Abu Dhabi Book Fair.
So far, he has published six collections of poetry, of which most recently 2009’s “For no Reason Because we are Poor”. Other published works include “The Agitation of the Pattern: The Mental Nature Of Apathy”, “But It Is You, Adam“, “On the Meaning of Watching Fire“, “Blood Smell“ and “The Lemming“. Al Mazrouei has also written the short story “Who Will Look After the Flies?” The writer’s works have been translated into English, French, German and Spanish.
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Amor Ben Hamida
Born 1958 in Medenine (South Tunisia), lived and worked in Zurich-Adliswil. He grew up in Kinderdorf Pestalozzi, Trogen together with children from different nationalities, religions and languages and had pleasant childhood memories there. In his books, seminars and readings he reflects his experiences with immigration, integration, religion conflicts, racism and bicultural relations.
Since the Arabic spring events, Amor engaged himself with poverty problems in Tunisia, that was his big motivation to establish the (Swissvison) organization together with his wife. That oriented Amor to focus on one major concern which is financing of school bags and school supplies in Southern Tunisia. Since 2011, 100,00 children leave the school in Tunisia because of the compulsory school fees for both children gender and difficult social and economic reasons. Swiss Vision wants to fight this phenomenon with investing in education and work.
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