La Classe-2015 Art Exhibition

Event Objective

The project “la classe“ created by the encounter and synergies exchange between two people with different origins, history and faith, but with one thing in common; the love of art and the human being. One is a humanitarian committed art’s lover and the other is a talented Artist. Artist Daniel Eisenhut named the project “la classe” – inspired by a school class, showing how a normal child’s life should look like: sitting at a desk, learning, listening to a teacher, envisioning a peaceful and prosperous future and life full of opportunities.



Gallery le Sud

Talacker 35, 8001 Zurich


Date and Time

„La Classe“ will be exhibited on November 20th – November 24th 2015

Opening, Friday November 20th 6 – 9pm




The project “la classe” is under the patronage of the Berber, Arab and Swiss Aicha Baakili, Aicha is the founder of the project “FuturEveryone “ who supports and promotes sustainable educational opportunities for children in crisis regions.


Aicha Baakili

Mobil +41 79 780 60 40


Concept and Work

Daniel Eisenhut

Mobil +41 76 517 01 57

E-Mail: mailto:eisendani@gmx.


More about the event’s concept

Children adapt, children forgive. Stories and pictures from different ghettos show children withstanding turmoil until the bitter end. Even child soldiers, when their guns are taken away from them, are children; children that usually laugh and play.

A child will always be a child; it is the stories of the grown-ups that make children hungry or fed and make children feel loved, embraced, or abused. This is the central focus and concern of the “la classe” project: a child without a story and origin, who has neither a goal nor a chance of survival; a refugee in a grown-ups world.

The Work

The portraits, depicting the same number of Syrian and Swiss children, will be done with black pen on A4 paper and framed in plain manner. All portraits will be installed and exhibited on a wall mixed together in one group, as if belonging to one huge class. By sketching the kids we will intend the children’s anonymity, making it impossible to discover who is who…

Short CV Daniel Eisenhut

Born and raised in a kibbutz in northern Israel to a Swiss father and an Israeli mother, he enjoyed, in his words “a complex but boundary-less childhood”. A turning point was during his services in the Israeli military where, of all places, he was exposed to the power of creativity and the art of teaching. After his service, he immigrated to Switzerland and chose the unique path of an art apprenticeship with the Scottish artist Andrew James Ward, and the Korean artist Cathy Choi. Subsequently, he opened his own studio where he started teaching, something that he continues today in various forms in Switzerland and Europe. After exhibitions in chosen museums and galleries in Zurich, Geneva, London and soon in St. Petersburg and Lugano, his works are now placed in numerous private collections across Europe.